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I still remember when I first walked into Almost Home before our oldest was born.  You have created a great loving place for so many little ones. Our three children still say they loved going there and they have such great memories. I hope you have continued success. P.S.  Our oldest is a freshman in high school now! - Jolie

To the wonderful teachers at Almost Home: Thank you for your years of love and dedication to our son. From the baby room to the school agers, he has learned so much from you and I’ve always had peace of mind that he was receiving the very best care. He wouldn’t be who he is without you. Thank you!  -Natalie

I am not sure this letter can truly convey the amount of appreciation we have for the love, care, and support you have provided our children over the past nine years….Thank you for providing such a caring and safe environment….for helping them to grow, explore, and learn new things….for providing the the opportunity to develop lasting friendships….We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. We will miss you. -Ross & Nicole

Dear Toni,  Enclosed is a picture of our son (age 14). How very much he loved Almost Home and you!  Thank you for the wonderful memories of teaching, nurturing and loving our wonderful boy and helping him to become the wonderful young man that he is today! -Nancy