Infants & Toddlers



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(6 WEEKS TO 12 MONTHS): Focus on Physical Development, Quality Nutrition, Healthy Environments, Tummy/Play Time and Peaceful/Cuddle Time. It is our belief that babies develop best through one-on-one interaction: eye contact, talking, singing and snuggling.

(12 TO 24 MONTHS): One year old’s are curious and active new walkers who enjoy exploring everything. They need plenty of opportunities to improve their strength, coordination and language skills. At Almost Home we facilitate this development by introducing one year old’s to Music and Story Time, Dress-Up and Play-time, Coloring and Painting Activities and Indoor and Outdoor Large Motor Play. Almost Home offers a beautiful outdoor playground and indoor “Muscle Room” for one year old’s to run, jump and climb.

(24 TO 36 MONTHS): Two year old’s are becoming more social and are eager to learn. Almost Home uses this stage of toddlerhood to begin a structured environment. Music, story and circle time increases language skills, teaches shapes, letters, counting skills, and develops a love of books. Classroom helper charts encourage responsibility. Gluing, painting, coloring and art activities encourage fine motor development. Muscle Room and Playground time facilitate strength, agility and coordination. Potty training, Self-Help Skills, Meal-Time Etiquette and Friendly Manners are reinforced.